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Kate Carney

Kate Carney

Like many painters, I am inspired by the natural world - by the interpretation of it's allure and moods with color, light and form. My objective is not to record the minute details of each flower, creature, landscape and face because there are loads of photographers that can do that much better than I. I strive to express the emotion evoked by my subject – my impression of it’s singular nature.

Painterly, passionate, and Impressionistic; backgrounds are usually simplified - I stop when they get interesting & it took a long time to learn that. Movement and value contrast allow my subject matter to dominate. Most paintings are developed from plein air studies, life or my videos.

Plein Air painting is especially valuable to me as an Impressionist painter because it's like a "painting workout" for the eye. In order to execute a plein air painting well one must be able to visually pare a scene down to it's essentials and translate that vision with colors and shapes in such a way that will allow the viewer to see what I saw and feel what I felt about the place and time. All that needs to happen within a two or three hour window or you will lose your light, and if that happens you might as well chuck that painting out.

My palette, the colors I use, are purely Impressionist but the addition of gold in leaf form and metallic blends, as well as a textured underpainting makes my work contemporary rather than classic Impressionism. I'm always trying something new and I hope to always grow in my ability to transfer thought and feeling into visual expression.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

 - Kate Carney