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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper



The purpose of my work is not so fixed, or clearly defined, one print might be realistic and the next abstract. My thinking is always in a constant state of flux and the ideas for a print have to accommodate the thought of the day. I am passionate about the environment, my family and take most of my visual cues from patterns in the natural world.

Often the print is sparked by words or can just as easily begin with a simple shape that speaks to me. The process of carving and inking a plate provide so much opportunity for experimentation and play. Not knowing exactly how the print will come out is a big part of the adventure.

My work has a dual purpose: Harper Printmaking studio exists not only for me, but for the printmaking community in our area. The Open Press Group has been going strong for 8 years. Other artists share the space and the presses not only make sense, but is mutually inspiring as we all learn from each other. Workshops and classes are also available through MDCA.