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Richard D. Colvin

Richard Colvin is an artist and museum professional, who brings an alternative viewpoint to his work in both traditional and contemporary. 

Mr. Colvin received an art education at the Art Workshop in Winter Park, Thomas F. Peterson at Rollins College and through observing Central Florida's legendary painter/printmakers, including Maury Hurt, Bill Orr, Jerry Raidiger, and many others. 

He is currently the Executive Director at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art and was the Curator of Art & History at the Art & History Museum in Maitland and Exhibition Designer at Cornell Fine Arts Museum. During his 30+ year museum career, he has had the opportunity to study works by a wide array of masters. He continues over time to exercise his abilities in a variety of styles and mannerisms (in both painting and printmaking) and prefers to let the idea dictate the style and manner rather than external forces.