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Dr. Scott Meyer

Dr. Scott Meyer, Professor of Art, University of Montevallo: In his 31st year on the UM faculty, exhibits his ceramic sculpture is shown and collected nationally and internationally in museums, universities and art centers, including the Ohi Museum in Japan and The Tainan National Art Academy in Taiwan where he recently completed a residency. He has been the subject of numerous articles in international journals such as Ceramics Art and Perception, Ceramics Monthly and Clay Times. 

His fascination with contemporary applications of tradition began at Penn State where he did simultaneous work as a scholar and a studio artist earning a PHD in 1985. This interest, along with his affinity for collaboration, eventually led to the construction of the anagama kiln at UM and the assembly of the team that fires it. He is the author of the biography, With Fire, Richard Hirsch, A Life Between Chance and Design, published by the Cary Graphic Arts Press at RIT.